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If you are ready to kickstart your career in a global sphere, EduFly Consultant is the right partner. We help convert your dream & plan to study abroad into a reality. Our brand provides a comprehensive guide to your professional future and career growth. As an expert brand, our counselors can help you determine the university and course curriculum so that you can prosper forward with your dream on the right track. This education consultant firm will provide a list of the best foreign universities/ abroad universities lists - so that you can prepare well for your career.

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    Application Process

    Our team of specialists will help you in shortlisting & applying to the best institutes, colleges, universities, and course curricula that align with your choice and interest.

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    Student Counseling

    EduFly Consultant has expert counselors who will understand your goals, aspiration, lifestyle, & preferred subject(s) and offer tailored advice so that you can set the right trajectory.

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    Visa Application

    EduFly Consultant is an experienced educational consultant firm that handles every type of Visa for you. Our Visa experts will provide complete support & guidance throughout the entire visa application process.

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    Scholarships to study Abroad

    After choosing your desired University or course, you check the scholarships available. Many of our partnered institutions offer exciting scholarships, and you can get scholarships from universities directly. Our education consultants will guide you in finding the right one.

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    Student Accommodation

    Whether you wish to pursue a Ph.D. abroad or a master's degree, we have a comprehensive accommodation portal with experienced guides to help you plan your study abroad with a cost-effective scheme that conforms to your wants.

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    Student Education loan

    An education loan for studying abroad assists students in building a better future with convenient and simple solutions. EduFly Consultant can provide out-and-out counseling for international students who offer their best and propel the students’ ambitions.

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Our MIssion

  • Studying Abroad with Edufly Consultant is a brilliant opportunity to explore a new culture and gain a global perspective is one of the most rewarding aspects of studying abroad. You can gain hands-on experience in a new environment and build international connections with great people that last a lifetime studying abroad.

  • A journey abroad begins with a single step. Let EduFly Consultant guide you through finding the perfect study abroad experience. We can help you find the right program, secure a proper visa, and ensure your success in the classroom and beyond.