Why study in THE USA?


Over the past decades, millions of graduates and undergraduates worldwide enrolled in study programs in the United States of America (USA). This is to achieve a prestigious US-certified university degree. For higher studies, many international students have chosen to Study Abroad in the USA for quality education, a multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities. One can find countless top-notch universities and institutions in the USA that cater to globally recognized degrees with an international reputation.

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The American Education System –


With over one million international students, 4,500 universities and colleges (nearly half of the best global universities) come within the USA Education System. The US education system offers international students a variety of choices depending on their requirements. There are Excellent, flexible programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels of study and personalized learning options. This makes US Education the best support system for international students. Proficient professors at top-notch universities in the USA support their students to reach new verticals. They also provide diverse teaching styles. If you want to build a strong career and follow your career aspirations, then study abroad in the USA is one of the great opportunities.



The study cost in the USA –


Studying abroad in America remains the world’s most popular destination for every international student dreaming of higher studies. But no doubt, studying at top-grade universities and colleges is the most expensive choice. The US state colleges charge more than thousands of dollars per year throughout their degree or for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Students attending universities in the US spend an average of US$99,417 (the amount may vary). Also, most US schools and colleges mandate owning healthcare insurance. So, for healthcare insurance, students can purchase plans based on their health.



Apply for a VISA–


Studying in America requires a student visa USA which comprises two categories.

F for students who have intended to pursue an academic degree at an accredited US school, college university, or other educational institution, including a language program.

M for those who want to engage in vocational and non-academic programs at any university in the US. 

Further, more than one lakh Indian students have chosen their study destination in the US, obtaining a Student Visa for the USA from India.

You can get an education visa for the USA from India. This can be done by registering with EduFly Education Consultants. 

Additionally, consulting with their education counselor is essential.



Following are the steps as per the order to issue a student visa USA –


Applying to the top US universities under the guidance of EduFly Education Consultants is the first step. It helps you step through the doors to fulfilling your dreams.

  • Crack IELTS or any other English proficiency examinations to study abroad

  • Collect i20 documents, student visa USA, passport, and crack visa interview

Find the best places to study abroad in the USA –


The United States of America, known as the world’s educational epicenter, is a federal republic with fifty states. Each state has accredited and top universities, schools, and colleges in the USA.

These institutions offer affordability, opportunities, diverse cultures and lifestyles, employer activity, and excellent infrastructure. Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Atlanta, etc., are the best cities with highly regarded institutions and top universities in the USA. Students can find renowned universities in the USA that offer recognized and a wide range of study opportunities and levels of affordability.



Popular Course in the USA –


The USA is one of the best study destinations for many international students. It is a nation with different flexible and renowned study programs. This is for students pursuing engineering studies, especially computer engineering and other top courses like MBA, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Physical and Life Sciences, etc. Further, the wide-reaching MBA market with self-paced and enticing MBA courses is in the USA.

With a top-notch degree like engineering, MBA in the USA, etc., from the top universities, students can seek jobs in the USA with highly demanding positions. 

The best job options in the USA are Software developer, Cardiologist, Financial manager, Physician assistant, web developer, etc.