Why study abroad in Australia?


Studying abroad has several benefits opening up new horizons to international students with excellent career opportunities. An international study program, such as an abroad study in Australia, expands students’ careers with international exposure and brings a global perspective to their lives. With an Australian study visa, international students can get admission to top-notch universities like the Australian National University, the University of Western Australia, or the University of South Australia, which provides self-paced and first-grade degrees and courses.

The landmass, with an area of 7,617,930 square kilometers, is the home of top-quality healthcare, geography, and world-class educational institutions. The nation is safe and ideal for international students. It attracts international students through its rich culture, diverse lifestyle, and top-tier education system.



The Education System in Australia


Developing international standards for excellence in education, several Australian universities ranked the top-grade and best universities among other international universities. The Australian government spends over $200,000,000 annually on international scholarships. This empowers students’ academic and career goals, releasing financial barriers. Australian or international companies and organizations sought graduates from Australian colleges and universities due to the excellent international reputation of the Australian education system.

A student visa in Australia, also called subclass 500, provides students residentship permission to stay for up to five years for full-time study in Australia at any top University or institution. A student visa in Australia gives the flexibility to travel and explore the Australian culture, with benefits from comprehensive and supportive learning. If you wish to live, study and partake in the Australian lifestyle and culture. You can consult with EduFly Consultants, who can help you to find a perfect study destination in Australia.


The study cost in Australia


The island nation Australia hosts more than six lakh international students from all around the map. The reason is lower living expenses and tuition costs than in other foreign countries. The average tuition fee for students of foreign nations for bachelor’s degrees is $20,000 to $45,000 annually. Also, for a Master’s or Ph.D. program, the study¬†expense in Australia¬†is $22,000 to $50,000 per year. The study expense at the Australian National University is around $29,628 to $45,360, $28,380 to $25,617 at the University of Western Australia, and $30400 to $34200 at the University of South Australia.

Fast admission for an affordable price


Visa and other requirements


With all valid reasons to study abroad in Australia, students with an Australian study visa can participate in eligible courses by top-notch institutions and universities. But to acquire an Australian study visa, students from other nations must fulfill specific criteria requirements to qualify for an Australian study visa. 

Follow the given process flow to get an Australian study visa¬†‚Äď

  • Apply to the top-notch Australian universities or other institutions under the guidance of EduFly Consultants to help you step through the doors to pursue a successful career.
  • Valid proof of financial capacity to pay the study expense throughout the stay in Australia
  • Appear for the IELTS test.
  • Valid documentation of offer letter from the Australian university
  • Collect the Australian study visa grant¬†letter after paying the tuition fees.

For more in-depth insights into studying abroad in Australia, consult with the education counselor of EduFly Consultants.


The best places to study in Australia


Australia is the hub of several best cities in the world to study in. It attracts most international students with its quality education and breathtaking locations. The best student cities in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Queensland, Perth, and Gold Coast. Students can discover more consulting with top education consultants like EduFly Consultants and shortlist the best and most favorable cities, first-grade universities, and institutions of their choice.