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A perfect application stands out, making the admission and application process impeccable and smooth. EduFly Consultant caters to end-to-end guidance and counseling for international students pursuing admission abroad. They guide students through assembling an out-and-out application, like US student visa application, UK student visa application, Canada student visa application, Australia student visa application, and other visa applications abroad. EduFly Consultant has an inspiring and excellent record of international students. We ensure that they successfully get admission to well-chosen and demanding universities abroad.

The central process of creating a stand-out application is choosing the most demanding courses and top-notch universities. Then we generate an eye-catching application including either a US student visa application, a UK student visa application, or any abroad¬†student visa application. EduFly Consultant examine students’ educational backgrounds and review their English proficiency, i.e., valid IELTS scorecards, passports, academic certificates, and other criteria. This is to ensure that the applications international students submit enhance the success rate.

Quick admission for an affordable price


Reviewing your Application and Submission


International students get a comprehensive and hassle-free admission and application process under the guidance of EduFly Consultant. We prioritize students preferences and wishes for their desired universities and study destinations. Our education counselor will guide students in shortlisting the universities and study programs.  They can apply after reviewing their academic records and desideratum. Within a few hours or a day, the assigned education counselor at EduFly Consultant will ensure the admission and application submission after obtaining the list of documents and other requisites.

Receiving admission from universities abroad.

Usually, the application process varies from university to university, and usually, the duration lies between two to eight weeks after applying. Once the application is successful, we will inform the students of reverting offer letters. The assigned counselor will guide their students with the rest of the processes. Counseling with EduFly Consultant gives you the opportunity to explore a new culture and global perspective from the most demanding and affordable universities.


Student visa applications


For a student visa application, our experts give you complete and unbiased support to apply for the apt visa giving you the best success rate. Our committed team of visa documentation experts will counsel students once they sign up with EduFly Consultant. They offer tailored advice and a thorough understanding of the latest international laws on a visa. 

This covers the following top demanding visa applications ‚Äď


US student visa application


The US student visa application¬†is among the world’s most demanding applications having an acceptance rate of more than 85 percent. Millions of international students worldwide apply for study destinations in the USA with a US student visa application¬†to pursue higher studies. Get into a US student visa application¬†by registering with EduFly Consultant in three simple steps.


UK student visa application


More than seven lakh international students are studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Applying for a UK student visa application is easy and flawless under the guidance of EduFly Consultant. They manage hundreds and thousands of UK student visa applications with maximum success rates every year.


Canada student visa application  


Canada hosts more than eight lakh international students holding valid Canadian student visa application permits.  So, quickly apply for a Canada student visa application with EduFly Consultant. Based on academic documentation and essential requisites, we assist international students. We help build Canadian student visa applications, opening doors to top universities

We will work with you to support other student visa applications, like Australian student visa applications, with other demanding study destinations. Destinations like Europe, Asia, Ireland, and New Zealand, deliver the maximum chance of success.