Why study in Ireland?


Ireland, located in north-western Europe, is a republic nation rich in a creative, flexible, and pragmatic education system. This attracts international students from all over the globe. Many international graduates and undergraduates opt to study abroad in Ireland. An English-speaking nation, where they find ease and satisfaction with their courses and places. The country has a standard mode of visa facilities that facilitate international students who wish to pursue a degree at top universities in Ireland.


The Education System of Ireland –


Studying abroad at the European universities of Ireland is no doubt a lucrative decision. International students who want to complete their graduation or post-graduation with a renowned degree. It is a nation with a world-class educational system with top-tier universities, institutions, and colleges. One can find several Ireland engineering and IT colleges and universities with communication companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Synopsis, Apple Ireland, etc. The nation is a hub of over twenty-three Ireland engineering universities. They offer diverse educational programs and specializations like mechanical, computer, electrical, environmental, and civil engineering.

One of the essential benefits of studying in this north-western part of Europe is students can apply for any top-notch Ireland universities that highlight skill development and entrepreneurial skills. Among the renowned universities of Ireland, Trinity College Ireland is a top-ranked leading university with a multicultural environment facilitating international students to enrich themselves with a renowned degree. Trinity College Ireland is available for international students with undergraduate and postgraduate programs and over 300 courses. Also, as an international student, you can apply to the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway for high-quality education with several benefits like research, work, and ideal student life.


Applications and Ireland student visa –


An Ireland visa is a pre-entry clearance allowing international students to travel to Ireland. If you wish to study abroad in such a perfect destination with richness in culture, a unique ecosystem, and a safe nation, you must apply for an Ireland student visa. You can then take advantage of their high-quality education system. The Ireland visa processing time takes at least six to eight weeks to validate the Ireland student visa.


A step-by-step guide to applying for an Ireland visa is as follows –

  • Apply to the top-notch Ireland engineering universities under the guidance of EduFly.
  • Education Consultants to help you step through the doors to pursue a successful career.
  • Opt for your desired study program or course and dig deep into your areas of interest with top colleges in Ireland.
  • Make a shortlist of the first-rate universities in Ireland and know in-depth about all the requirements and budgets.
  • Appeal for the educational institute and Ireland visa counseling with EduFly Consultants.
  • Apply for an Ireland visa after confirmation from the University of Ireland.
  • After applying for an Ireland visa, pay the required financial deposits and go for the pre-departure session.

Cost of studying abroad in the Republic of Ireland –

The cost of studying in Ireland is much lower compared to other nations. This is because of the financial support provided by the government to Ireland Universities

This flexibility and educational landscape makes Ireland one of the well-chosen examples of international education systems.   

The charge for undergraduate courses varies from 9,000 to 22500 EUR, and postgraduate courses from €9,950- €35,000 per year. On an estimate, the living cost of students in cities of Ireland is €7,000 to €12,000 per year, excluding tuition charges. It includes rent, food, electricity, medicine, travel passes, social expenses, and laundry.



Irish jobs and opportunities –


Ireland is a hub of several world-class companies and prestigious corporations. This makes the island a perfect destination for many international students who want to be financially independent. Students can achieve several incredible job options after completing their studies. Also working with corporations and organizations on international projects worldwide. Several Ireland engineering and IT sectors leverage internship jobs for students. They can network with great people and sharpen their skills in the field of study. Further, the Irish government offers students to apply for permanent residence with a green card or a Work Permit document to live and work in Ireland