Education Loan

With ever-increasing competition and skyrocketing inflation, many international students wonder how they or their families will fund higher studies abroad. An education loan for studying abroad assists students in building a better future with convenient and simple solutions. No investment pays a higher return, but an education loan for abroad studies can strengthen the root for a successful career in the future. Pursue student loans for studying abroad under the guidance of EduFly Consultants, a trusted education counselor who offers international students a one-stop solution regarding education loans for studying abroad.


How to get an education loan for studying abroad?


Getting educational loans to study abroad can be easier under the guidance of EduFly Consultants. EduFly Consultants can provide out-and-out counseling for international students who offer their best and propel the students’ ambitions.  

The following conditions are a must for the applicant –

  • The borrower must be the student, and the parents or family members can be the co-applicants.
  • If the applicant is under 18, their parents will apply on their behalf for student loans for studying abroad.
  • The applicant must hold a competent academic record and proof of admission to a recognized university abroad.
Study loan abroad eligibilities and requirements

For the main applicants –

  • Valid documentation for proof of Identity for either PAN or Aadhar Card
  • Documentation of evidence of Residence or Address, i.e., a current copy of the telephone or electricity bill
  • Valid Passport
  • Certifications for proof of academic records – 10th, 12th, graduation (semester-wise, if any)
  • Documentation of cracking Entrance Exams, either GMAT, IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL
  • Statement of Study Cost

For co-applicants (parents or family members) –

  • Valid documentation of proof of Identity for either PAN, Passport, Driver’s License, or Voter ID card
  • Documentation of evidence of Residence or Address, i.e., a current copy of the telephone or electricity bill
  • Account Statement previous loan from other Banks or Lenders of the last year (if any)
A Student Education Loan covers

The structure of education loans has developed over the past years and is not restricted only to tuition fees. Not all, but some education loans cover other expenses apart from tuition fees, like living expenses, health insurance, and other related study expenses. Achieve your dream counseling with EduFly Consultants, consult with their counselors, and get in-depth knowledge on how to get an education loan.    


Who can get a study loan for abroad?

International students who want to pursue higher studies abroad with student education loans for studying abroad can apply for it meeting all the required conditions.